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This company sent out a dishonest tech that ruined our refrigerator.He basically put a faulty part on it, lied to say what he did to temporarily fix it and get money.

Then it broke again so we called him, he came back, took parts from our fridge, cut wiring (all without our knowing) and said he couldn't fix it. We had a wonderful neighbor who works for MrAppliance come look because we were desperate by this time. The fridge was only 1 1/2 years old. He was astonished by what he saw - and said our compressor, control and starter was completely fried by Sanz Appliance's fix (most likely).

Our neighbor didn't charge us, didn't solicit work, and in fact told us what our options were outside of their services.

Now we have to buy a new fridge.We are out fridge and $200 for the fake repair.

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Sanz Appliance Repair - Never hire this company!

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Alex Sanchez from Sanz Appliance Repair was one of two companies who responded to my request.He was in the area, so we decided to give him a chance.

He came promptly and determined that the leak was coming from a hose connected to the soap dispenser. He did a "McGuyer" on it with some tape, but never changed out the part. I paid him $60 and thought we were done. Not so.

The machine began to leak again. I called Alex and he came back out. This time, he determined that it was the inlet valve. I ordered and paid for the valve.

On Thursday, June 13, I called Alex and let him know that the valve had arrived. He came out, removed the old valve, and replaced it with the new one. This is where it gets strange. He said the machine would not work without a "code".

I didn't understand that but, I'm not a repairman, so I didn't question it. But, it gets better. He says that he doesn't have the code and would have to get his cousin, who works for Sears, to help him. I said great, call your cousin and get the code.

He tells me that his cousin is very busy and has to be here. He says that he will come by tomorrow (Friday). I call Alex on Friday and he says that his cousin will try to come in the afternoon. However, no call from Alex.

I call him around 4pm and he says that they can't come today. It will have to be tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I call him on Saturday morning and, another excuse. His cousin is busy and will not be able to make it until later that afternoon.

Now, a pattern is developing. I said I need the washer fixed and Alex PROMISED me it would be done that day. NOTHING!!! No call/No show.

I tried calling and left a message, but Alex hasn't called back. On Monday morning, June 17, another repairman came to fix the washer. First of all, he said there's no such thing as a "code" that's needed. Second, the inlet valve wasn't the cause of the leak.

The repairman fixed the washer in half an hour. However, I'm out $60 I gave to Alex for nothing but headaches and $60 for the inlet valve I didn't need.

Alex Sanchez of Sanz Appliance Repair should not be in this business and no one should ever use him.Either he's a liar (my believe) or he's the least knowledgeable repairman ever.

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Sanz Appliance Repair, Watch Out!

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Frigidaire side by side refrigerator is not cool, need service.

Sanz technician comes: said, Ice maker burn down replace needed, need new 2 new thermostats for refrig and freezer. Total cost $214.00 paid and cashed the same day.

Service complete but issues still the same; he comes back indicate some other parts need to order. Will come back by the end of week. Appointment set up Fri 1/18/2013 but not shows up. I call but not pick up, I left messages on cell phone but never return. A relay message make by text from 3rd party still doesn’t effect.

I learned and found out, reinstall old Ice maker back, reset unit! It works perfectly!

I come to company address (not on invoice) is located at home, check licenses? Has at least 6 different phone numbers! He agrees refund of $200 but keep $14 sale tax? No fund to cover check! I have hard time to collect! But get it at final.

A fraud!

Sanz Appliance Repair - Watch Out!

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My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator doesn't cool as should be. Sanz Appliance Repair comes in small car and small tool bag, take a quick look and said " your Ice maker burn out, your 2 thermostats not working and all need replaced, I agree and paid $214 after repair. Waiting 24hs but issue is the same. Call back, his phone on invoice is fake, I search online, find out he has more than 7 phone numbers in different sites, he agree come back to take care, but never, then he agrees refund, but it never happen.

Will file a complain in Small Claim Court.

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